jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

Advanced Degree for the Structural Computational Biology Group

Computational biology/bioinformatics in general. Specifically systems administration/databases along with analyses of data related to the annotation of the human genome (GENCODE project), alternative splicing and proteomics. GENCODE (http://ift.tt/2iiBdoH) provides high-accuracy manual annotations of protein-coding loci and alternative variants. The GENCODE annotations are gradually replacing and augmenting the Ensembl automatic annotations.
Technician/researcher for the GENCODE project is needed.

Se Requiere

- Bachelor, Masters or PhD in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Biology, or related disciplines.
- Previous experience (>5Y) in computer science.
- Experience with: Programming languages in Perl (or Python), Javascript, Bash script. Unix/Linux environment. MySql Avantageous. AngularJS, NodeJS, CSS. Web Services (REST, SOAP). RCS (git, svn). Management of clusters.
- Experience of biological computation.
- Working languages are English and Spanish.

Se Ofrece

- The opportunity to be part of one of the few European Cancer Research Centres of excellence.
- An excellent working, multidisciplinary environment.
- Competitive salary.
- Contract linked to a project.

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