martes, 12 de julio de 2016

Predoctoral Research Assistant for the Melanoma Group

The Melanoma Group at the CNIO Molecular Oncology Programme seeks a highly motivated Predoctoral Research Assistant.

Se Requiere

- Degree in Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy or other discipline related to health sciences.
- At least 3 years experience in the isolation and culture of immune cells from murine systems, with particular emphasis on melanoma models.
- Direct hands on experience in macrophage polarization in vitro and in vivo.
- Hands on knowledge on histological and functional analyses of lymphangiogenesis and melanoma metastasis.
- Technical skills:
• Isolation, culture and analysis (viability, cell death, stress responses) of melanoma cells.
• Proven expertise in functional analyses of immune modulation (particularly CD8, CD4, TRegs, monocytes, DCs, macrophages).
• Immune profiling by RT-PCT and histological techniques on murine and human biopsies.
• Proteomic and transcriptomic analyses of immune infiltrates in tumors, lymph nodes and other organs.
• Competency for in vivo analysis of tumor metastasis in response to therapeutic agents.
• Competency for the assessment of immune-tolerance and immune-evasion in the context of aggressive cancers, particularly melanoma.
- Proficiency in oral and written English is essential.

Se Ofrece

- The opportunity to be part of a Cancer Research Centre of excellence.
- Competitive salary.
- An energetic working environment.
- Contract linked to a project.

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